Monthly Archives: August 2014

Visualist in Residence

I’m currently doing an incredible residency at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry, a private library in Pico Robertson that describes itself as “a non-profit educational and cultural organization focused on ‘visual technologies’ and how they are used to document, imagine, remember and conceal the convergence of human activities and capabilities we call ‘culture.’”

As Visualist-in-Residence they’ve given me a beautiful studio and full access to their incredible archives and library.  As I began, a library of feminist spiritualism and wittiness was donated to the Institute and handed over to me.  Fortuitous?  Planets aligning?  A message from beyond?  

Anyone in LA who feels the need to do some work in a new setting, please feel free to come spend a day with me at the ICI.  photo

My first updates on the ICI’s Visualist in Residence blog here and here.