I am an artist working in video, movement and performance, installation and community-generated projects.   I use these diverse media to interrogate how constructions of gender, race, class and progress operate in American communities, shared myths, public rituals and private desires; in so doing, I dissect the contradictions embedded in performances of power.  Formally, I draw on my extensive background in movement-based theater and dance, as well as historical vernacular forms of manipulating sensation.

Most recently, my work has been shown by the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, High Desert Test Sites, Autonomie Gallery, LAX><ART, workspace gallery, GLAMFA, and Movement Research at Judson Church.  Over the past 15 years, I have created new works in New York, rural Mississippi, San Diego, the SF Bay Area, and most recently, LA.

Since 2004, this blog has been a site for me to write as I make work.  In this, I am very inspired by good old Bert Brecht, who was always writing, always revising, always revisiting, always contradicting himself, always updating his plays to suit whatever philosophical and political transformations he was enacting through language.  I don’t make any claims to be as smart as him, but then again, I don’t have armies of brilliant women working for me, coming up with all my best material.  Maybe someday.

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