Monthly Archives: June 2004

out of the country

I’m currently in Vilnius, on a roots trip with my Israeli family. The national theater is doing Shakespeare’s Karalius Lyras, and another theater is doing Camus’ Caligula, and if only our trip was longer, I would stay to see both.

Next: Poland. Not much likelihood that I’ll post until my return, but perhaps after visiting Brecht’s grave in Berlin.

she is spherical, like a globe; I could find out countries in her

On a whim (with some Southwest Airlines vouchers), I’m on a whirlwind trip to Oregon. I’m writing this from in Ashland, the most depressing motel room I’ve ever stayed in (considering the number of motel rooms I’ve stayed in, that’s saying something. But the cement block walls are only vaguely painted over, and everything feels like it has a slight film of something on it, when anyone else opens or closes their door, or talks, or pulls out of the parking lot, the building shakes, etc.)

Of course, Ashland, home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, is the most beautiful place on earth, so it balances out.

Met yesterday with associate artistic director Timothy Bond, and we had a fantastic State of the Union w/r/t theater. Always a rare treat to find a like mind–or as Ben, in a moment of damning accuracy, put it on the phone afterwards: “wow–you have to hustle just to find people who you can connect with.” Yeah.

Saw “Comedy of Errors” last night. Considering it was Shakespeare’s first and silliest play, it’s kind of great–or odd–that I’ve seen two major productions of it in 9 months. Unfortunately, at the expense of this production, I couldn’t get the one by Aquila Theatre Company out of my head. Go see them. I think it’s a hard play to stage–rather difficult to find a spine, or throughline–even a physical one–to connect such unrepentantly silly language and gags.

CLUB went very, very well–write about it soon. Detroit whipped some Lakers butt last night, if you didn’t already know, you know now.