Monthly Archives: April 2007

finally, jeez

I am happy to report that, on Week Three of our run, CLOWN BIBLE finally came together. Week One, we were just trying to avoid total disaster. Week Two, we were tightening farty awkward transitions, and in straining to really clean the damn thing up kind of lost the play of clown. I don’t think a single show went by without major changes.

Last weekend, we seemed to find the balance. Adding a brief intermission took the pressure off making everything fast; and returning to group warm-up, including clown turns, makes the biggest difference.

I haven’t written much about the process of making CLOWN BIBLE. It’s been a tough slog–a very pleasurable and rewarding one, don’t get me wrong (at some point, I just have to put up on the blog some of our process of clown training and creation, not to mention some of the stories that we cut)–but taking the stories of the Bible and translating them in this way, and having it be a cohesive piece and not some shitty “The Bible, Abridged,” and plus it’s pretty much a full musical, but it’s a clown show too, and finding the balance of it, oh dear.

Anyway, more soon later, but that’s where it’s at. I can confidently say it’s a beautiful show, and you should come out and not miss it.