Monthly Archives: March 2009

awards and degrees

If you know me, you know I’ll undermine myself endlessly, but to hell with it: today I’m enjoying the fact that VERA WILDE won Bay Area Critics Circle Awards for Best Male Performer, Best Ensemble, Best Set and Best Score, along with our nominations for Best Female Performer. I’m especially proud of the ensemble, (Sean Owens, Alexandra Creighton, Danielle Levin, Tyler Kent and Ned Brauer), they did such outstanding work to make the show tick.

In other news, you know how I said I was done with theater? Boy howdy, I meant it (at least for now). This fall, I’ll be starting my MFA in Studio Art. I’m deciding between two great programs, and am very, very excited to spend three years focused on making work, after which point I will be able to teach and have a much bigger tool-kit.