oh my god! i’m like, so fat!

Someone, Gawker, anyone, talk about how fucking stupid this article is in Vanity Fair. First person navel-gazing (literally) “journalism” at its worst.

Here’s my summary, in the voice of the author:

I’m a 27-year old, 5’9″, 120 pound writer for Vanity Fair! I go to three plastic surgeons so they can tell me that I’m hot and don’t need plastic surgery! But then one of them recommends minor lipo, so I’ll never be able to eat a piece of fruit again without thinking about my fat ass [that last part is almost a direct quotataion]!

There is no part of me that is thinking critically about this, or as if feminism had ever happened! I just did this so I can have a full photo of me in sexy black underwear, looking hot, in Vanity Fair!

This is really an article about being reassured by professionals that I have a hot body, because I am that insecure! But also, I’m calling it journalism, so I can get paid for it! This is my most read article, ever! I’m so glad I could find an opportunity to whore myself before I turn 30!

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