look at all the plays!

If you notice over on the sidebar, there are a heck of a lot of plays currently going on in the Bay Area that are terrific. Which never happens. Anywhere. At any time. Is the world ending?

I’m serious, the other week I actually saw two entirely wonderful plays two nights in a row. This has never happened to me. And then I saw another great one this week–and my colleagues with similarly brutal standards who generally leave plays similarly frothing and pissed left All Wear Bowlers and Tartuffe giddy with delight. I have tickets to both and am, dare I say it? dare I dream? excited.

Capsule reviews coming, update on company business and upcoming projects soon, I tell you, soon. For now, make reservations for Ten Red Hen’s 365 Plays (Week 4).

One response to “look at all the plays!

  1. Great to see Genevieve Bennett’s show in Minneapolis listed on your site. I love her and only wish I could be there.Do you know her?Anyway, nice.

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