*meep* out of nowhere

I’ve been purposely ignoring the blog while trying to organize and compartmentalize the projects that I hope to get done in some type of parallel processing.

But couldn’t resist this article in the NY Times about the actors at the American Girl store.

And also, to document that I am, for the first time, watching the Twin Peaks series. Yes, for the first time. Yes, it’s just shockingly good (especially the taut beauty and weirdness of Season 1), and I can’t believe it was on network TV. We’re hitting the point of Season 2 where apparently things go kind of bad for a little while, but are committed to pushing through to the end.

I want to take a moment (as I begin a writing project of my own) to note my particular fondness for the character of Bobby Briggs’ father, Major Garland Briggs (played by Don S. Davis).

Our expectations for this character get established immediately: he’s thorougly military in bearing, portly, white, middle-aged, with a classified job and a hunky high school son in the throes of obnoxious petulant rebellion.

Almost as instantly, our expectations are turned inside out: he turns out to be the most sensitive, enlightened, dare I say saintly, characters in Twin Peaks–articulate about expressing his feelings, speaking with highly literary precision and a depth of sincere empathy few of us will ever encounter.

It’s a particularly hilarious the set up and punch line establishing a character, and every time he comes on screen, I’m delighted.

It goes without saying that I’m planning to steal him, figuratively.

2 responses to “*meep* out of nowhere

  1. oh god his dream, his dream that he tells to bobby in the double r? to which dana ashbrook startlingly reveals an amazingly subtle simple side in response? mm hm.yes push through, its rough there for a while but the last episode is astounding. invite me over and ill bring -donuts-.

  2. if i had to put my favorite men of twin peaks in order this is how it would go:1)agent cooper – who i was in love with in the 9th/10th grade and have dreamt about many times2)major briggs – so thoughtful and intelligent3)pete martell – so sweet4)big ed – i love when he dresses up to go the casino and how he and norma almost get it together5)sheriff harry s. truman – please get over josie6)albert rosenfield – he cracks me up7)denise/dennis bryson – he cracks me up too8)gordon cole – only when he falls for shelly

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