Rehearsal Photos


One response to “Rehearsal Photos

  1. Top Ten Ways to Know That The 99-Cent Miss Saigon has invaded your life. 10) Your boyfriend has put a ban on any music from Saigon from 10pm to 10am. 9) That same boyfriend now hums snippets from, “Heat Is On” or “Morning of the Dragon” everywhere he goes subconciosuly8) You see someone with a different hairstyle and start to think, “What, is he trying to play dead or something?”7) The title of “Princess” takes on a whole new meaning for you. 6) People can actually walk around the dressing room going, “I need to feel dirty.” and it’s totally cool. 5) You laugh whenever you’re in line somewhere and the PA announces number 66. 4) What are, “Greasy chunks?”3) You find yourself getting ready to go to work only to realize that a strapless halter is probably not appropriate. 2) Any time you go to 7-11 you have a mad urge to samba with the big gulps. 1) You go clubbing with your friends and start thinking, “Ass grab! 6-7-8, Turn! boob grab! Shimmy down! 7-8”

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