who knew?

Daniel Mufson, who authored the authoritative book on the late, great, brilliant director Reza Abdoh, has been running Alternative Theater, a website on the kind of American theater that came out of Lower Manhattan from the late ’70s to the late ’90s, their European forebears (Brecht, Brecht and more Brecht) and more current colleages.

Of course, “Alternative Theater” is as dated a way to refer to such theater (and their followers) as “avant garde” at this point. My undergraduate teachers being who they were (Marc Robinson, Joseph Roach and Shawn Marie Garrett)–this theater was my apparatus–these artists, my heroes, to whose works I aspired. It’s nice to see a home for information about it. The news is rather spottily updated, but there’s some great images and history pages.
Check it out.

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