happy new year

We’ve begun rehearsal. Of note:

1. I am not looking for a traditional performance space. Just a big empty room. No one with whom I speak seems to understand this (though I tell them this, repeatedly and explicitly). Once I tell them I’m doing a musical, they just talk theater spaces–stages, flies, big lights, big rent. God bless them all. I think I’ll tell them we’re doing art therapy, or holding AA meetings, as opposed to a show. Only way to get what we need.

2. We’re starting the entire process having our actors learn the music–straight singing rehearsals. And all those voices in this room are irresistably thrilling, as I sit here in the corner having the musical director do his thing.

In other notes, Tyler Perry is in Oakland with “Madea Goes To Jail” this weekend–I really, really wish I could go. My kids in Mississippi loved him–traded bad VHS copies of his stage plays–and I’ve never been.

One response to “happy new year

  1. If there’s a local (music) rehearsal space, sometimes you can just rent out a big room for a couple of hours and charge admission…

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