more dreams

Last night, in the middle of a longer dream involving bizarre desires between young blonde women and their grizzled, cowboy uncles (Brokeback Mountain? Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? I just don’t know)–it turned into a big American theater dream.

The production involved a train, circling through a small town, passing behind an amphitheater like theater. The train would be painted in such a way, and the backdrop arranged, that when the train ran by the theater, it would create a huge fabulous picture/tableaux–oh yeah, also, an actor would hang from the train, and at the moment of tableaux, be Jesus.

It was kind of like a Coen brothers movie, the town–quaint quirky small-town America that was anachronistically multiracial. Me and the guy posing as Jesus passed through the town a couple of times before I smartened up and realized that the actor himself didn’t have to hang off the train, just pose and wait for the train. By that time, the train had left for the day.

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