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I notice that a reason I don’t post so much at my blog TenRedHen is because TenRedHen is a theater/art weblog, not a personal one, and I’m always frustrated by the questions of what I should or should not say. So I’m opening up shop here. Instead of suffering over whether x or y is an appropriate subject, I can rant freely about general and more personal topics, and reserve the other for ranting over the state of theatrical art and reviews of plays.

So there.

There’s another apparatchick on blogger. She’s a Republican from Oklahoma who obsessively reads conservative blogs I wonder about our shared use of name, considering that what she seems to believe, I probably don’t.

Of the day?

I’m finding myself quite upset about Woodward’s revelation that he had been given Valerie Plame’s name by a senior White House official over two years ago, keeping the information secret over the past year and a half of investigations.

He kept it secret–but he hasn’t kept quiet during the investigation, calling Prosecutor Pat Fitzgerald a “junkyard dog” (revealing his rock-hard classism in the process, I’m afraid) and asserting that the investigation would show that Valerie Plame’s outing was nothing of consequence.

Woodward’s uncomfortable coziness with the administration is disappointing, devastating really. Because of Watergate he gets to be the elder statesman of holding political administrations accountable (oy, how he milked Mark Felt’s Deep Throat confession!), while bolstering up a corrupt crew.

Is there a Hippocratic Oath for journalists? Aren’t they supposed to be accountable to the public? Miller, Woodward, Novak. Dazzled by their proximity to people with secrets.

Disappointing. Painful. What can we do?

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