no, you tell me

Once blogger stops being fussy as it has been all morning, you will be seeing some changes in the sidebar. I’d like to start linking to interesting shows in cities of people who I know might be looking at this.

(speaking of which–Twin A, whassup! Great to hear from you! Glad that the Polenberg reimagined Seder continues to evolve–I the warmest and fuzziest memories of the one I attended, way back in the day in New Haven. What are you up to? What are you working on?–wait, let’s bring this out of parens).

What are you working on? What show did you recently see that rocked? What company do I need to be keeping an eye out for? This can include dance, performance art, art, and music, as long as it’s (preferably) LIVE. Let me know what’s happening on your end.

BTW–anyone need an invitation for a gmail account? I have, like, 50 million.

One response to “no, you tell me

  1. yo, maya. i’m working on music, camp image node, project managing some large-scale blinkies for an artist, and (hopefully) building a 12-15″ rotating LED sculpture of an eyeball that follows you when you walk by it, though the magic of technology. also, the entire Polenberg family is blogging at The Polenblog . Yowza!

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