monday monday (la la, la la la la)

Dancers have oddly sectioned bodies, like insects; ballet dancers lower legs are pyramids, with calves flat across the back, sharp edged. I think I used to have calves like that. I don’t anymore, but it’s been nice to be dancing ballet again anyway. And yoga as well.

One year blogging. If you don’t count the six months that I disappeared. That’s good.

Writing is hard.

In just about two hours, the Illini WILL WIN. Go Illini! Go!

From David Mills, eloquent former executive director of Viva El Paso:

One of the things about Outdoor Drama is that it’s not just the play...Viva is unique to El Paso, it has to do with this community and what’s special and different about this community, so that, I think, involves the audience, and the city government, and the business community, and the educational community in a way that no other form of theater could.

And so I think that’s what excites me about it. That somehow we’re helping to shape…the community shape, the perception of the community of itself and to shape the perception of El Paso by the rest of the United States and the rest of the world as well, on a very small scale, but nonetheless I think we’re involved in that.

One response to “monday monday (la la, la la la la)

  1. Looks like your Illini had only slightly more luck than the Spartans, whom we adopted for our stay in Indy (see our blog for details). Weirdly, both teams relied a lot on three-point shooting and looked surprisingly unathletic compared to the teams that beat them in the finals…

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