random bits

So many goddamn people in the Bay Area have iPods, with the tell-tale white headphones, that the communter BART ride looks like some movie of a dystopic future where people are controlled by the government via headphones which are surgically installed–receiving their morning doublespeak instructions or news or something.


Coach Pat Summitt, the woman responsible for pretty much creating and shaping the current face of women’s college basketball, reached the record for the winningest coach in Div. 1 Basketball History. The University renamed the floor “The Summitt.” All day, when I think of it, it literally brings tears to my eyes.


Why I Love Pauline Kael, Reason 476:

From her review of Raging Bull,

I’m supposed to be responding to a powerful, ironic realism, but I just feel trapped. Jake says, “You dumb f–k,” and Joey says, “You dumb f–ck,” and they repeat it and repeat it. And I think, What am I doing here watching these two dumb f–ks?


ALSO–watching an all-time family fave, South Pacific, and thinking about the tremendous suspension of disbelief the audience must maintain–a leap in faith I take almost too willingly–to access the pleasures of the musical. Not just in terms of storyline, or the convention of characters bursting into song in order to communicate in the play-world, but in terms of the dated, embarrassingly well-meaning, sexism and racism of the era.

I’ve been watching musicals because I want to direct one, hopefully very soon. And I think these cringe-worthy, tricky moments might provide wonderful interpretive opportunities. A director I greatly admire once told me that during her time as a student at Yale Drama, she did a Brechtian de-construction of “Bali Hai” from South Pacific. At the time, I thought it was simply clever, but I really get it now. I’m interested, now.

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