nice news

I’ve been raised under the sensible dictum that, while one should not give up over failures or get lazy over successes, one should still take a proper moment to mourn or celebrate, respectively.

A couple of months ago, I applied for a small grant. Yesterday, months before I expected to hear from the foundation, I received an envelope with their logo. I expected a form “thanks and we regret” letter. I did not, in any way, shape or form, expect what was inside: a check.

My first grant.

Now, organizations have gotten grants to hire me–but this is the first time I, as an individual artist, have applied for money for a project and received it. The check is barely 1/10th of what I need for this particular piece, which I have barely started–but I’m going to use my blog to take my moment to say:


2 responses to “nice news

  1. Really well done. It’s no mean feat to get one of those applications through and often so disheartening when yet another rejection comes through…. So (I know this is afew days old now) but do celebrate it and remember it as a warm thing when you’re having a cold day.

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