white people singing

So I’ve been watching musicals–Hello Dolly disappointed, mostly because of lack of any real story or solid clever plot twists. Plus, I heard that Walter Matthau absolutely detested Barbra Streisand, and you can kind of tell–they have zero in the way of chemistry and it makes the whole thing unbelievable. Also, wasn’t Dolly supposed to be “of a certain age”? I love how young character actresses historically end up playing women 20 years their senior–of course it’s impossible that a young woman should have both character, self-possession and a sense of humor.

Started Oklahoma! and so far am pretty excited. The picture quality on DVD is so fantastic that the colors are saturated, the white people flourescent and everything damn near leaps off the screen.


Andrea, hi! So glad to see you here, and yes, I loved the Butoh quotation! Maybe I’m making up the switchboard button in my head, but it’s the one which literally just bumps the whole board to black. Perhaps it is simply “blackout.” I wish I had a lightboard in front of me. Come do a show with me in SF.

One response to “white people singing

  1. anytime, just tell me when(although May 4 5 6 7 are booked)

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