guilty pleasures

Ok, confession.

I, who have otherwise missed the entire boat on TV for the past 10 years–meaning, all of the reality tv, American Idol, sit-coms, mass-media extravaganzas etc. (exceptions: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and, ok, Sex and the City–but only on DVD, and only after everyone else in the world had been there and done that for four seasons)–I have become obsessed with a TV show, and a bad one. Namely–oh God, namely–Tilt.

For those of you who luckily do not know, Tilt is a dramatic mini-series about professional poker players in Las Vegas, starring Michael Madsen as–drumroll please–“The Matador” (because he draws in, then cuts down young bulls, or somesuch). The show (along with biopics on Dale Earnhart) is the latest in ESPN’s recent burgeoning efforts to create original programming.

It’s a terrible show. The writing is cliche-ridden and the dialogue clunks; its attempts to be salacious and exploitive fail because it’s so poorly done it’s embarrassing. The acting is horrible. The filming and directing is choppy and grade school and bad.

So why do I watch it?

I want to know what happens next, of course!

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