Re: day job. Picked one, the day job which provides me a steady 40 hours per two weeks in the City. So that will provide me a steady base income–past that, I might have to occasionally spackle the cracks in some way, but if I don’t, I’ll be fine. Next week I have to work pretty full-time, but after that–no more! Yee-haw! The people at this place are pretty neat, and it’s near two dance studios and a yoga studio that I want to go to.

Re: making stuff. I am so hungry to get my days back. I have grant proposals to write, weird performances to create, and plays to do. And stories to write. And I’ll tell you about ’em as I do ’em.

Re: my birthday. It’s my birthday! Thank you to those who remembered! Doug, what’s your address? Douglas, do I have your new address?

More soon later.


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