presents! presents!

Jessie and Steve, send me your address. You are the recipients of the Maya Gurantz Award for Posting the First Comment ever on TenRedHen, which will include a big fat prize.

As incentive: the next three different people to post a comment on this blog will also receive prizes.

More about: Saturn Returns.

Friday, I’ll be guest teaching for Jill Miller’s New Genres II class at the San Francisco Art Institute. Basically, it’s going to be sort of an introduction to live performance, which is kind of funny in a New Genres class, given that live performance is the oldest, most elemental genre around.

Jill and her lovely friend Margaret also expressed some concern that the students might be put off by my “Theater” background, that they’ll automatically shut down and check out because of assumptions they bring about the form, or like, I’m going to come in and spring advanced Stanislavski acting technique on them and get them to play actions and develop characters and shit within 10 minutes. Girl, please.

I’m not too worried, considering that: a) I haven’t done a play in an actual theater since, oh…2002; b) I haven’t directed what might be considered a traditional “play” since, oh, gosh…2000; c) I haven’t worked with trained actors since, Jesus…um, let’s not get into it. Anyway–I just want to give these students a good romp through performance, introduce them to that tool, get ’em to think about it a little bit.

Jill and I have cooked up a pretty hot little class plan. I’ll post here what we had them do and how it goes. Honestly? I’m excited to be back in a classroom.


One response to “presents! presents!

  1. Prizes, I loooove prizes! I was going to wait until your birthday to comment. But now that there’s prizes involved… who can resist. Happy early birthday Maya.

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