doing the day-job two-step boogie

Will let you know how it shakes down, with possible further discussion of day jobs, their meaning, and the particular crises the pursuit of such employment can trigger, especially in the face of imminent Saturn Returns.

One response to “doing the day-job two-step boogie

  1. Imminent… Goldie the drum’n’bass artist, maker of Saturnzreturn, will come work for you? Or is it Sun Ra? That would be kinda cool. (There’s a big neon sign for a shopping mall on the eastern edge of Saint Paul whose flagship business is a tanning parlor, after which the neighborhood is informally known: the neighborhood’s called, and the sign usu. says, SUN RAY, except when the Y failed last year and visitors arriving in St Paul from Wisconsin met a giant red neon SUN RA.)

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