I’m becoming a big fan of the Odeon Bar and all Chicken John and Dr. Hal related things things–they do great San Francisco 2004 cabaret. If you’re in the Bay Area on Wednesday night, run, don’t walk, to the Ask Dr. Hal Show.

Last night was a particular pleasure, as they held a Stoned Spelling Bee. Brilliantly entertaining.

What I like about Chicken John’s curation is that the schedule is full of all these prankish vaudevillian cabarets, its whimsitastic, and they have crazy musicians and play old movies and 1960s educational films in-between-times and have wacky sound effects, and are constantly “cracking wise.” Dr. Hal will recite large chunks of The Tempest when asked (and sometimes when not), and it’s just pleasurable and utterly live and in the moment, and it doesn’t matter when it doesn’t always work. They tickle my particular funny bone.

And yes, I did compete. A-n-t-h-r-o-p-o-m-o-r-p-h-i-c.

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