you are the one

Recently remembered and been delighted by one of my favorite peformative party games. It’s called “you are the one.” The game requires one to three players, and must take place in some kind of crowded party type atmosphere. Basically, Player A gives Player B an instruction: “You are the one who…” and Player B then begins to behave in that fashion. They trade back and forth. I have very strong memories of watching two friends play this during college. Favorites:

“You are the one who got a boob job, but doesn’t want anyone to know.”

“You are the one who thinks the room is bugged.”

–then, “You are the one who bugged the room.”

You perform these instructions without other people knowing what you’re doing–increased points for using these states of being to affect your interactions with said people.

Liz and I were strongly considering putting out our pamphlet of Parlour Games for Goode Children. Others include “Marry/Fuck/Cliff,” “Awkward Dinner Party”, and of course, the all-time great, “Why Did You Pee In My Car?”

Still writing, haltingly. Demons get their knowledge of bars from movies about bars. Added a few Very Noisy Interludes. Now chewing conceptually on the Blackout Ballet. Will explain all later, if you care to know.

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